Stream notes March 5, 2019


  • Submote review (cpayette)
  • Discord update
  • Keyboard update, Hardware Saturday results
  • Developer onboarding (this project, not in general)
  • Problem statement and goal reviews for today
  • Retrospective
  • Raid Somebody (Fritz!)

Things we learned

  • Return from all the things
  • VS Code hang, still unsure what the issue is (talk to Clarkio)


  • I need to loop over the files in the client dir, and create an object with the filename
  • And extension
  • And I need the image dimensions
  • And then I need to check if that filename exists in the safe-for-stream images dir
  • And then if not, make an api call to the placeholder service, and save that image
  • And then commit only that utility, and the stream-safe images

Next steps

  • Do the thing with the file diffing
  • Write the files out
  • Print a short report of file changed
  • Start the layout using images and flexbox? And/or CSS grid
  • We also have the nav to abstract to our "language file"