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Welcome to the Robert Table's Table.

I started getting involved in the Twitch Dev community as a viewer and supporter (bits/subs) quite a while ago.

Then I started getting more inolved in chats, helping people find resources, learn how the platform works, moderating other people's channels, and genuinely spreading awareness of even more dev streamers.

Then the day after Christmas, 2018, I decided to just Do it Live and started this stream.

Would you like to learn with me?

We learn fast, and we fail fast. And we aren't afraid to do it live on stream. We recover, we learn more, and we just keep swimming.

If you're interested in Node, Docker, Cloud, hardware, electronics, then you're in the right place. And if not, no worries, I'm going to help you find the best place for you to learn what you're interested in!

We Do it Live

No fear, no worries, no problem. We break stuff, we fix stuff. And we learn from every failure.

We're builders. Creators. Lovers of technology. Passionate learners. And you are, too.

We don't bash technologies, although it's fine to have opinions. We try to help others.

Get Involved in the Community

Come visit us at our stream, or check out the diverse talent on the Live Coders team.