Stream notes July 20, 2019


  • Intro, stream layout and video updates
  • Intro to Rhonda, where we left off
  • Project set up, get it in GIT, keep track of steps
  • Try some Particle things
  • Try some LED things
  • Retrospective & Sunday Preview
  • Raid


  • Find out the limits of powering the LEDs
  • Get Workbench working with device
  • Plan disassembly of Rhonda for re-wire

What did we learn

  • When flashing photon to update device os, click refresh in the info panel
  • I picked the wrong RGB lib, need to find the one we had working before

Next steps

  • Find the correct FastLED library, and version we had working before
  • Find the led chase algorithm
  • Cut a strip of 25 leds (23 to simulate all of Rhondas, and 2 aux lights)