Stream notes July 2, 2019


  • Welcome back
  • Show and tell
  • Additional thoughts on a sane, serverless-ish, chatbot
  • Get docker compose up with a service or two
  • Recap, retro, raid


  • Does the container work?
  • Get it up with compose
  • See a log stream from a thing
  • Make the bot talk... without getting banned. Again

What did we learn

  • Start compose in the right directory
  • Comfyjs handles parsing the user for you
  • Message prop is whatever is after the command (in onCommand)

Next steps

  • We want to have a service with auth credentials to Say into chat
  • We need env variable (using only docker compose env for now)


  • 4ndrexx - 'npm install --silent' over 'npm install --quiet'