Stream notes January 31, 2019


  • Stream Review
  • Stream Updates
  • Raid over plans
  • Stream assets
  • Streamdeck 15 key
  • OBS I learned a thing!!
  • Repo reviews and get the VARS in place
  • Retrospective, Live Q&A

Things we learned

  • My audio redirect for stream elements is not working UNLESS I have the SE editor open
  • In the coding view, I'm not always hearing the audible alerts
  • I'm really bad about post-stream issue cleanup and transfer to github repo issues (sadface)


  • Loopback, a pricy paid app on the mac, is NOT intuitive for its purpose (this also could be my ignorance with OBS audio input settings)
  • If you are pushing a bunch of commits and it seems really slow, you done goofed, revert


Next Steps