Stream Notes January 1, 2019

Goals ### Wrap up gatsby command

  • Validate we can create a smaller image with just git added to alpine
  • Run it
  • alias it
  • Alias it with new


  • Push it to hub
  • Document it in repo
  • Test it via community
  • Promote it and others improving it

Docker gatsby

  • Clean up from last session
  • More detailed lucidchart
  • General docs and goals
  • Production docker build and test
  • New aws account
  • New aws terraform remote state
  • Awsume command review
  • TF init vs workspace vs app level IaC
  • Terraform ECR
  • Dev ops next steps preview


  • Docker layer minimization
  • Docker production build
  • ECR vs Docker Hub
  • Terraform
  • Terraform remote state

Post stream "to look at"

  • gekitsu:
  • Why did dotproto break my audio when they followed
  • Dive for further diving into Docker image layer optimization (credit frenck on twitch)
  • Hadolint VS Code integration for Dockerfile linting