Stream notes February 9, 2019


  • Talk overview
  • Node now? Yup
  • Raid over plans
  • Do the thing
  • Retrospective

Things we learned

  • rwscheerer - Don't have spaces surrounding "=" in bash
  • Terraform destroy does have an auto-approve flag
  • After destroy, there isn't any thing to log out (now show or outputs)
  • Say command will not be reliable: It's not portable, and can't demo
  • USB hub, webcams randomly quitting. I hear a "glitch" in the Arctis 7 chat sound
  • VS Code, buggy integrated terminal (at my zoom level) that kills on resize


  • debug my video now (lul, audio is finally fine)
  • We may very well require a full SD extension, in that case, its probably node all the way
  • We can use this socket lib for streaming log tails to the browser, as a start frotail


  • Execute terraform correctly from script
  • Decide button layout - Folder for test, folder for live
  • Do we wanna go with bash or node? Decision (Depends on plugin need)
  • Create the Up/Down infra
  • I don't think we can catch execution status or errors? (we can't)
  • Can we drop in a component in the talk to watch the tailed logs?

Next steps

  • Talk outline
  • Iconongraphy for talk
  • Iconography for buttons
  • Pass params/args to scripts with streamdeck
  • JS SDK for AWS
  • JS SDK for Streamdeck, make a plugin?