Stream notes February 7, 2019


  • VS Code Extensions
  • There's new stuff!!
  • Raid over plans
  • VIM Mode?
  • The Talk
  • Do the thing
  • Retrospective

Things we learned

  • Spotify lyrics in extension work
  • I dont like VS Code "Vim mode, yet"
  • rwscheerer - \$PWD
  • The mdx-deck install instructions "Quickstart" does nothing
  • The language syntax highlighting needs a theme and styling
  • The syntax highlighting in mdx-deck need style config
  • Styled components is the mdx-deck default, we will stick with it


  • Can you mix themes per slide?
  • How are slides grouped/organized?


  • Get a plan together for the talk

Next steps

  • Present plan to work
  • Run idea by AWS partner rep
  • Run idea by Elgato
  • Run idea by Hashicorp