Stream notes February 21, 2019


  • Switch soundtrack
  • Keyboard, is here!!
  • Project update
  • Do the thing
  • Retrospective

Things we learned

  • Can't really parameterize image file names in gql queries
  • Potential issue with the twitch hightlighter, or my environment causes "tab key no worky"
  • We're getting a lot of duplication in our "page" files (pull stuff into the layout.js component soon
  • We are gonna need some flexbox or grid real soon
  • Make a decision on how we show the browser preview as I'm developing on screen
  • Also, try to pick a raid ahead of time
  • And this keyboard is sexy


  • Learn how to add images
  • Get the rest of the pages using components
  • [?] Extract the image to a data.json file (Cant really, but hacked)

Next steps

  • Clean up our mess
  • Add a BUNCH more images/logos/icons
  • Fill out the copy and the client copy,
  • (and validate switching works) off stream or off screen during stream
  • Buy a soldering iron for keyboard build