Stream notes February 2, 2019

Today's Thought You're only a leader if people want to follow you.


  • Thursday streamdeck one button "run script" status
  • Friday Quokka stream thoughts
  • Raid over plans (tenatively Talk2MeGooseman)
  • Do a thing
  • Retrospective, possible Q&A

Things we learned

  • Do test your container locally, you could have bad assumptions
  • Testing your container locally is faster than waiting for cloud
  • Keep variability to a minimum for debugging
  • Do keep notes of things that are "convenience for now"
  • We need to start iterating the live deploy on stream, so that means...
  • DRP: Prime the stream with TF apply in dev env as part of stream prep
  • I've made assumptions about Account, user, and role setup that I should address
  • Also awsume usage has been largely an assumption on my part
  • Its difficult to know what we will be doing on stream, currently


  • BraveCobra2 is experimenting with other parts of the Hashi toolchain
  • We are missing documentation, git discipline, and promotions of project
  • An issue for discussion will be added, and we can collaborate together to see the different ways that people would want info on todays topic to make a decision whether they watch live, VOD later, or pass on the topic entirely


  • Repos ready
  • Compose-ready local
  • JSON-server heathcheck and test
  • ECS network, security groups, cluster, service, tasks defined
  • Environment-specific variables
  • Build and push images based on git hash
  • Take tags in as environment variables

Next Steps

  • Promote new tasks
  • Dev/Prod scaling
  • Conditional bastions
  • JSON Server lock down methods