Stream notes February 12, 2019


  • Project overview
  • Raidover plans (@csharpfritz, 6pm EST)
  • Do a thing
  • Retrospective

Things we learned

  • Still a bug in vs code integrated terminal when resizing
  • BrandonSatrom is IoT brewing beer
  • Seattle is screwed right now (snow dayS)
  • People seem patient with my fumblings


  • We still don't have error handling, or debugging
  • And we still didnt pass a varialbe
  • And we still didn't make the instance


  • Pass params to script with streamdeck (can't)
  • [-] EC2 Instance in VPC

Next steps

  • Fill in the security group
  • Dynamically get my public IP to add to the SG rule
  • Select an AMI on the fly
  • Spin up and create an output in the logs with IP and key file name?