Stream notes April 9, 2019


  • Sunday review
  • Netlify news
  • That REST client
  • Slack posting (presentation)
  • Retrospective and Mista Fritz is on (6pm EDT)


  • More tools!
  • Lets make some lights go!
  • Can we test this at all?

Next steps

Things we learned

  • Ngrok has connection limits on the free version
  • Netlify-cli, in order to use --live needs an app id? init?
  • MX Chip has a lot of sensors but least ram of all the options
  • Pi B+ has 1GB ram, the most
  • But, there is a bannana pi that has 2gb ram
  • We did go over 600 followers
  • Rhonda has very limited real space left to use for particle
  • Slack posing is incredibly easy even just with curl, but
  • Slack posting should be authenticated, somehow (api keys)