Go-Live Checklist

The following is my go-live checklist for a Twitch stream. I'm adding this in version control and publishing it for others to adapt.

As the stream needs change, equipment changes, automation is created, I will update this to represent my actual workflow, in the interest of transparency and sharing.

Some exceptions exist that I will not document, however. No one needs to know when I use the restroom or grab a beer or something. Adapt this to fit your needs.


Timing for this is usually 2 to 4 hours before the go-live. This allows me to pay attention, and make sure I get the word out early enough. It also allows me to keep enough time open for work-related commitments.


  • Set the Go-Live notification
  • Set the stream title
  • Set the stream category
  • Update the stream tags

Stream Elements

  • Update the !project command


  • Tweet advanced notice of stream topic, times, link

Stream Notes

  • Type up draft of stream notes
  • Push to Develop, verify deployment


  • Check obs
  • Check streamdeck
  • Check each camera
  • Open spotify, select getting started playlist
  • Check mic and spotify output
  • Check for DOX items on desk and in view



  • Click go-live button, change to scenes view
  • Start spotify


  • Get tmux stream session up, open stream notes md file
  • Get any browsers ready to un-minimize on off-screen monitor
  • Check stream health in dashboard
  • Close any sound-making browser windows